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Billy Warlock stars as Bill Whitney, the troubled scion of a wealthy Beverly Hills family. Feeling like an outcast his entire life, Bill begins seeing Dr. Cleveland (Ben Slack), a therapist who's trying to help him reconcile his conflicted feelings about his parents, who seem to lavish more attention on his sister Jenny (Patrice Jennings). Bill then discovers that his doubts have more of a foundation in reality than simple teen angst. After he receives a copy of an audio tape of horrific sounds at Jenny's coming out party, Bill becomes convinced of the existence of a secret "society" of wealthy people preying on outsiders, and that his family is involved.


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bill whitney Billy Warlock
nan Connie Danese
dr. cleveland Ben Slack
milo Evan Richards
jenny whitney Patrice Jennings
david blanchard Tim bartell
jim whitney Charles Lucia
shauna Heidi Kozak
petrie Brian Bremer
ferguson Ben Meyerson
clarissa carlyn Devin DeVasquez
sally Maria Claire
jason Conan Yuzna
jason's friend Jason Williams
mrs. carlyn Pamela Matheson
ferguson's gang Chris Claridge
ferguson's gang Michael Schipper
ferguson's gang Amy Obrand
judge carter David Wiley
sergeant burt David Wells
cop in woods Mike Diamant
director Brian Yuzna
screenplay Rick Fry
Woody Keith
executive producer
executive producer
executive producer
Keizo Kabata
Terry Ogisu
Keith Walley
Paul White
original music Phil Davies
Mark Ryder
cinematography Rick Fichter
editing Peter Teschner
casting Donna B. Anderson
production design Matthew C. Jacobs
art direction Kelle DeForrest
costume design
Robin Lewis-West
surrealistic makeup designer
& creator: S.M.G. Inc.
foam technician: S.M.G. Inc.
foam technician: S.M.G. Inc.
head technician: S.M.G. Inc.
first technician: S.M.G. Inc.
fiberglass mold
technician: S.M.G. Inc.
fiberglass mold
technician: S.M.G. Inc
hair stylist / makeup artist
additional makeup artist
Screaming Mad George

Jeff Edwards
Roberto dePalma
Moto Hata
Makio KIda
Kevin Reter

Leigh Stephens

Sheri P. Short
Wendy Gosse
Lisa Love
Valerie McKnight
Phyllis Temple
executive in charge of production Dean Ramser
property master
assistant props
set dresser
set dresser
art swing gang
construction coordinator
Mark Barofsky
Kim-Gay Barofsky
Franklyn Gottbetter
Christy Mozillo
Don Storey
Frank Taylor
sound mixer
boom operator
adr mixer
adr editor
supervising sound editor
sound editor
sound editor
sound editor
sound editor
sound editor
sound editor
sound editor
sound editor
stereo sound consultant
foley recordist
foley mixer
foley artist
foley artist
sound designer
sound re-recorder mixer
sound re-recorder mixer
sound re-recorder mixer
loader (uncredited)
William Fiege
Barbara Delpuech
Tom Ruff
Gaill Clark Burch
Adam Johnston
Duke Brown
Gonzo Cervantes
Michael P. Cook
Dale Johnston
Ted Johnston
James Koford
Marty Stein
Mike Virnig
John Lawson
Leonard M. Smith Jr.
Al Gomez
Robert Friedman
Casey Troutman
Clancy T. Troutman
John L. Anderson
Doug E. Turner
John Wilkinson
Frank Fleming
special effects Nick Benson
creature shop Guy Himber
stunt coordinator
Dan Bradley
Tom Elliot
Matt McColm

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